common rail diesel repairs

The common rail diesel (CRD) is a wonderful technological advancement in diesel engines that helps reduce carbon emissions for a cleaner environment. They are cost efficient and provide more power to the driver on a gallon of fuel, making them great choices for everyday drivers. Unfortunately, the downside of this technology is that it can take more maintenance and repair to keep it running correctly, due to the newer components in the fuel system.

One of the most common rail diesel repairs parts to maintain is the fuel rail sensor, or fuel pressure sensor. This component monitors the pressure that is present in the fuel rail and sends that information to the engine computer to make necessary adjustments to the fuel and timing systems. When this part fails it can cause the vehicle to experience a number of different symptoms, including an illuminated Check Engine Light and poor performance from the engine.

Inside the Common Rail: A Comprehensive Guide to Repairs in Diesel Engines

Another part to consider maintaining is the fuel injectors. These are a crucial piece of the system that a diesel engine uses to ignite the fuel and burn it to create power. When these injectors go bad it can lead to a number of issues with the engine, such as overfuelling and incomplete combustion. A faulty fuel injector can also increase emission levels, which is a problem for any environment.

In order to repair these injectors, you will need a high-quality all makes diagnostic tool, such as Delphi’s DS solution. This tool will allow you to read the OBD, identify fault codes, and help narrow down which injector may be at fault.