Buying Custom Curtains From Online Retailers

custom curtains may not get the attention they deserve but that’s changing. Like bedding, furniture and kitchenware, curtains are one of the home goods categories that have been the subject of many direct-to-consumer startup success stories in recent years. And the good news is, while they’re not cheap, you can find gorgeous custom curtains for a fraction of traditional prices thanks to online retailers.

Mesken is one of the first home startups to make custom window treatments accessible to shoppers with its affordable, fast turnaround and high-quality products. Its easy-to-navigate website allows customers to customize a wide variety of options from the fabric to the measurements, with the option to order up to five free swatches so you can see how the color, pattern, or texture works in your space before ordering.

Transform Your Space: The Ultimate Guide to Custom Curtains and Drapes

Choosing the right type of drapery is key to getting the look you want. For instance, choosing a fabric that has a sheen or matte finish will help your curtains look more luxe, while a linen-look polyester will look lighter and more modern. If you’re going with a classic pinch pleat or ruffle, consider adding double or triple pleats for a more high-end look.

Another factor to consider is whether your fabric is dry-clean only or washer machine-friendly, as that will affect how long the curtains last. Regardless of the fabric, proper care and maintenance is essential to keeping your custom curtains looking their best. This includes regularly dusting or vacuuming them and following recommended cleaning instructions.