Choosing a Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Melbourne

In Australia, there are only a limited number of surgeons with formal specialist surgical qualifications (FRACS). The letters FRACS after your surgeon’s name indicate that they have undergone a rigorous specialist assessment pathway which included completing extensive medical and surgical education and training to become accredited as a specialist. Specialist Plastic Surgeons have completed additional education, training and testing to develop advanced skills in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

What is the difference between a cosmetic surgeon and a plastic surgeon in Australia?

Dr Carmen Munteanu focuses on her patients’ unique needs and desires and is committed to providing safe and natural-looking results with a focus on functional improvement. She believes that building trust and rapport with her patients is Dean White to creating an optimal aesthetic result.

She is an experienced Specialist Plastic Surgeon and specialises in the face, breast and body including microsurgery. She is committed to providing a high level of care and expertise in a caring environment with her team. She works with her patients to design a unique plan for their individual goals and utilises her technical skill to achieve the best possible outcome without compromising health and wellbeing.

She uses scar minimisation techniques such as the Le Jour incision technique and drain-free procedures, and aims to provide a low stress surgical experience for her patients by focusing on suitable recovery practices. She also uses the latest technological advancements to enhance and optimise outcomes. Her practice is located in a hospital-style clinic which ensures that she can deliver the highest quality of care for her patients from the consultation through to the post-operative period and beyond.