Click Fraud Detection

click fraud detectionClick fraud detection is a critical step for any ad campaign that wants to minimize the negative impact of fraudulent clicks. Fortunately, there are many tools available to help you detect and eliminate this threat.

Bots and Click Fraud

Good bots can do a lot of useful things for a website, including monitoring content, checking for broken links, capturing SEO data, sharing it on social media, and even identifying security vulnerabilities. However, they can also do damage if they are used for malicious purposes.

Criminals often use bot networks to achieve a variety of nefarious goals. These groups of computers are programmed to perform tasks such as click on ads and sabotage websites.

Bad bots engaged in click fraud vary from relatively simple (accessing a webpage and clicking on a desired link) to more advanced. They are able to mimic human behavior such as moving the mouse and clicking at uneven intervals, which makes them harder to identify.

Innovative Approaches to Secure Your Mobile Transactions

Alternatively, they may use a network of computers to make it appear as if a human is clicking on an advertisement. This can be done by creating JavaScript-controlled fake clicks that load a scammer’s website inside an innocent-looking banner advert.

Unusual peaks in clicks outside of your targeted geo-location are also a red flag that indicates an automated bot attack is in place. In addition, a large number of clicks from a single computer or a small number of geographic areas are also suspicious.