Discover a Craft Spirit at a Metro Detroit Distillery

metro Detroit distillery

The roaring twenties brought prohibition and an entrepreneurial spirit to Detroit. Today, that spirit is alive and well in the city’s craft distilleries. From farm-to-glass, you can find a variety of craft whiskeys, vodkas and rums at these metro Detroit distilleries.

Two James

With the opening of its new tasting room in Corktown, visitors can experience Detroit’s first distillery since prohibition and sample their wide range of small-batch bourbons. You can also grab a cocktail from the bar made from their spirits, including Doctor Bird Rum, Grass Widow Bourbon and Catcher’s Rye. Find out Weiss Distilling Co.

The new Four Grain Bourbon was created using four different Michigan grains and features a mash bill of 57 percent corn, 19 percent rye, 12 percent red winter wheat and 12 percent malted barley. It’s aged for a minimum of two years in new white American oak barrels and offers a sweet autumn nose of green apple, caramel and wheat. The silky sipping bourbon then finishes with DCD’s signature rye spice with notes of pistachio, burnt orange peel and cinnamon.

Crafting Excellence in Metro Detroit: Unveiling the Distilleries Redefining the Local Spirits Landscape

You can purchase the bourbon at bars and liquor stores across the country, but it’s best enjoyed at the distillery where you can enjoy it with friends and family. The space, built from reclaimed construction materials from Detroit buildings, offers a comfortable atmosphere with leather couches and dark wood accents.

In addition to their bourbon, Three Bridges Distillery offers a variety of other spirits such as their Vodka, Gin and Whiskey. The company specializes in making products that are sourced from local ingredients. The distillery also serves as a venue for weddings and special events.

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