EV Vehicle Comparison

Electric vehicles are incredibly energy efficient, and they emit no tailpipe pollutants (although the power plants that generate electricity may produce some). They also cost significantly less to maintain. And with the option of using regenerative braking to recover some of the energy that would otherwise be wasted, they can help reduce your fuel costs even further.

To figure out how much an ev vehicle comparison save you, compare its up-front purchase price to the cost of a similar gas vehicle. Then add on the ongoing costs of charging, maintenance and fuel based on your expected driving habits and regional electricity rates. This calculation is easier if you can use our EV Cost Calculator to get an estimate of your potential savings.

EVs are available in a wide range of body styles and prices, from budget-friendly compact hatchbacks to roomy four-door crossover SUVs that can seat up to seven people. Luxury EVs straddle the line between traditional car and SUV, offering sports-car acceleration and cutting-edge interior tech. And as the dominant truck brands enter the battery-powered arena, we’re seeing a beguiling blend of utility and performance in their electric pickups.

EV Vehicle Comparison: Choosing the Right Electric Car”

And of course, there are practical electric vans that provide all the utility of a conventional minivan. With a large, flat cargo area and the ability to carry multiple rows of seating, these vehicles are often the best choice for families. Skoda’s first bespoke electric van, the Enyaq, is a great example. Its large battery allows for a long driving range, and it charges quickly so you’ll never be stuck on the side of the road for hours waiting to resume your journey.