How to Grow Indoor Cucumbers

Indoor cucumber plant  are a warm-weather vegetable that thrive in sunny conditions. Whether you are growing cucumbers in a greenhouse or outside on the patio, they crop for a long season, from mid-summer through early autumn. Cucumbers take up very little ground space, making them ideal in small gardens or indoor containers. If you choose to grow your own cucumbers, you can start them from seeds or buy grafted plants.

Which plant is for good luck?

Like many other vegetables, cucumbers love warmth to germinate and grow. Ideally, they should be started one to two weeks before the last frost date in your area. Depending on your climate, you may need to supplement outdoor temperatures with a heat mat or by placing pots in a warm conservatory or garden room.

When you’re ready to sow cucumber seeds, mix some slow-release fertilizer into the potting soil before planting. This isn’t necessary, but it’ll help give your cucumber plant the nutrients it needs as it grows. Watering your cucumber plant is also key. It’s a relatively thirsty plant that tends to use up its water supply quickly. If it goes too long between watering, your fruit could begin to taste bitter due to a buildup of stale water.

As your cucumbers develop, keep an eye out for common pests and diseases. These include aphids, cucumber beetles and powdery mildew. In some cases, spraying with a suitable insecticide or fungicide will be necessary. For the most part, though, you should be able to prevent problems by maintaining good growing conditions, and keeping your cucumbers away from any stray insects or diseased areas.