List of Malicious IP Addresses

When a device is involved in unwanted activity, like sending spam or attacking sites, it may be flagged and land on a list of malicious IP addresses. These are called blacklists and they’re used by most ISPs and web servers to block devices that are doing the wrong thing. With this information, firewalls can block those bad actors before they cause damage. The best way to prevent attacks on your site is through a combination of comprehensive blacklists, regular software updates and an excellent firewall defense system.

IP reputation lists identify malicious or suspicious behavior, such as malware infections, active attackers, spammers, bots and anonymous proxies. These lists help website administrators build a real-time view of IP addresses that need to be blocked to protect against cyber threats.

Guarding Against Threats: List of Malicious IP Addresses

The minFraud network provides a list of IP addresses that have been associated with malicious activities at various points in time. The more malicious activities an IP is observed to be involved with, the lower its reputation.

Criminal IP is a cyber threat intelligence search engine that scans the open ports of all devices connected to the Internet daily. It identifies malicious IP addresses and domains and delivers 5-level risk assessments along with comprehensive domain, IP address, open port and vulnerability scanning, mappings, and more. It also allows for easy API integration. Criminal IP also offers a number of other security products, including Asset Search, Vulnerability Search, Banner Explorer and Statistics, Element Analysis, and Maps.