Native Smokes Near Me in Western New York

Posted on December 16, 2018 by Jennifer Cohn

Who sells native cigarettes near me Akwesasne, in western New York, the state is fighting a losing battle against the local Indian tribes. Despite their sparsely populated population, the tribes are thriving as tobacco manufacturers and convenience store operators. In fact, the Oneidas’ cigarette factory is now one of the largest in the nation. Its signs bearing the name Native, Signal and Nations Best are prominent along Frogtown Road. At the nearby red warehouse and factory, hundreds of crates filled with cartons of Native cigarettes sit stacked up to the ceiling.

The local chain of smoke shops on the Seneca Nation sells a staggering number of Marlboros, Camels and Newports, as well as other national-brand cigarettes. And, according to the state’s tax collector, they do so without paying a $4.35-a-pack excise tax, which is the highest in the country. But the state isn’t giving up on its fight against the tribes. A stream of lawsuits aimed at the stores, which also include a mail-order cigarette business, are wending their way through the courts.

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At Doogie’s Smoke Shop, a bright-green building in Akwesasne, tobacco company representatives visit the Indian-owned business monthly to check on supply and product placement, change signage and offer discounts in exchange for prime shelf space. The same goes for other local reservation vendors, like the family-owned Ohserase Manufacturing, which uses the Mohawk traditions of unity, strength and 400-year history with tobacco to create its own line of cigarette brands.