Online Games

Online Games are video games that require an Internet connection and enable players to interact with other gamers in real time. They range from classic board and card games offered by Web portals to MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) where players play in a virtual world with other gamers. They can be accessed on mobile devices, PCs or gaming consoles. Most online games offer social chat functions, allow players to keep rankings and scores and offer in-game prizes such as badges, awards and stamps.

Many people enjoy สมัครทางเข้าufabet playing online games as a way to relieve stress and spend leisure time. By completely focusing on the game, players can forget their daily problems and immerse themselves in the virtual world. Moreover, the games help improve their mental agility and strategic thinking skills. Some experts have even compared the learning process of online games to the learning process of foreign languages.

Online Games for Kids: Safe and Fun Options

A recent study finds that college students who play online games, especially e-sports, have positive effects on their psychological demands and self-actualization. The researchers interviewed 20 undergraduates who played the online game “Glory of Kings” and used thematic analysis to analyze their responses.

The authors note that some online games can be addictive, and if not managed carefully, may lead to poor health. They recommend regular breaks to avoid eye strain, headaches and poor posture. They also suggest that games should be played in a well-lit room to avoid light-sensitivity issues.