Online Insurance Courses For CAIB

Online Insurance Courses for CAIB

The Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB) designation is a valuable asset that allows you to move into the brokerage field. It also enables you to advance within the industry, assuming you fulfill your provincial licensing requirements. This can be done via a combination of self-study, immersion or evening classes offered by IBANS. Go here

In a traditional classroom, students spend 3 to 5 days gathered with other people in a room listening to an instructor explain insurance concepts from a study manual that includes text, illustrations and exam questions. While this approach offers some interactivity and can be very helpful in the learning process, it requires significant time away from work, school or family. It also moves at a pace that is not always appropriate for everyone.

How to Choose the Right Online Insurance Course for Alberta Certification

With our online CAIB exam preparation video courses, you will get the same content as an in-person class with the flexibility to work at your own pace. The courses include streaming video, easy-to-read text and lots of exercises and practice tests to help you prepare to pass the CAIB exams. These videos are taught by renowned insurance educator Todd Hochban and are split into easy-to-manage chapters. You can even watch the chapter again if you need to review it for the exam. You will need to purchase a CAIB textbook as well, and the exam must be registered separately. Our online courses also come with a success guarantee, meaning if you don’t pass the exam, you can retake the course for free.