What Is a Temporary Agency?

A temporary agency is a company that serves the needs of businesses with short-term staffing requirements. Temp agencies recruit and vet job seekers to maintain a pool of pre-screened candidates and then match these workers with companies that require temporary labor.

The client company interim batiment enters into a contract with the temp agency that defines the type of worker needed, the hourly wage paid for work and other relevant information. When a temporary employer requires a particular employee with a specific set of skills, the temp agency pulls a worker from their pool who meets these parameters and then sends them to the client. The client pays the temp agency based on their hourly rates and other fees for services rendered.

Many companies use temp agencies to try out workers before they make a permanent hiring decision. If a temp worker proves to be a good fit, they can be converted into a full-time position at the end of a specified period of time.

Understanding Temporary Agencies: How They Work and How to Choose One”

Using a temp agency allows a business to adapt quickly to workload fluctuations without overstraining current employees or straining budgets. However, if not managed properly temp workers can become an expensive drain on resources. They are also not as heavily incentivized to perform well because they know their jobs are temporary, and often feel more like a stop on the tour route rather than a long-term commitment. This can create a challenge for businesses that are trying to build a team of top performers.