Gamification in Sales Apps

Gamification in sales apps leverages typical game incentives – like badges, points and leaderboards – to encourage sales reps to meet daily targets, follow up on leads and close deals. But don’t be fooled: using gamification in the sales app context requires more than just turning on “badges and point” features – it involves looking at what motivates your team, designing a game that aligns with their goals and creating a competitive environment to keep things fresh.

How do you win customers in sales?

Leaderboards are the cornerstone of sales gamification, and with good reason. They’re a public way to celebrate a team’s successes and make it fun for everyone to compete. And they can be tailored to different processes, allowing you to create sales leaderboards based on anything from a week of head-to-head competitions, to a quarterly KPI-based ranking, or even to show off the best of each company’s all-time performance.

Sales contests are another great sales gamification tool that can be used to boost morale, especially when you run them around key company goals. The key is to build them around metrics other than highest revenue, so that you don’t alienate your newer or middle-performing salespeople and cause a drop in engagement.

Finally, flash challenges are a great way to drive immediate action if you need an extra push from your sales team. For example, announce that the person who books the most demos this Friday will get the afternoon off – and watch your numbers soar!