Helix Midnight Luxe Review

Helix is a hybrid mattress company that offers a wide range of sleep options. Their standard line of mattresses is very affordable and their higher-end Luxe models feature cooling covers, plush pillow tops, and advanced zoning. Helix’s sleep quiz and advanced customization help match each buyer with the model that best fits their unique sleeping habits. The Midnight Luxe is their most popular mattress, a medium-firm option that is well-suited for side sleepers and combination sleepers who toss and turn throughout the night.

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The mattress is 13” tall and features a premium cooling cover made with Tencel fabric. It also comes with a soft premium quilted pillow top for extra comfort. helix midnight luxe memory foam layers react to your body shape and support you in all sleeping positions. The zoned lumbar support is very effective at keeping your spine aligned, which should help with back pain and joint problems. Heavier people might find the Midnight Luxe too soft for them and sink into the bed, putting their hips out of alignment and potentially leading to back pain in the long run. If you’re a stomach sleeper, you should consider Helix’s firmer mattresses like the Dusk Luxe or Dawn Luxe instead.

The Helix Midnight Luxe does a good job of preventing motion transfer, even when you share the mattress with a partner or pet. The coil layer is firmer near the center of the mattress and softer toward the edges, which helps to prevent movement from transferring across the bed. Overall, the mattress is a quiet bed to sleep on, especially after the initial off-gassing period of three days or so.