Mega Patches For Acne

Mega Patches

Infused with Glycolic Acid, these large hydrocolloid acne patches conceal pimple clusters and help heal the skin. They draw out excess oil and prevent wounds from becoming infected. These powerful patch treatments will leave your skin clear and smooth in no time!This link

This is a great way to show off your mad love for the horde, and it’s woven in with the fabric so that it won’t fade over time. These are a must have for any beardo!

Embroidery on a Grand Scale: The Allure of Mega Patches

The patch is a “cold patch” material that can be used instead of a hot mix patch. MEGA PATCH(tm) is environmentally safe and contains no V.O.Cs, no old or recycled asphalt or bituminous products and is made with selected stone aggregates. When MEGA PATCH(TM) is applied to a pothole, it bonds to the side walls of the hole and becomes part of the asphalt. It is also much stronger than traditional asphalt and will not deteriorate under heavy traffic.

To use it, simply clean the blemish area and then place a power patch on top. Let it sit all through the night and repeat as needed. The patches contain Vitamin A and will help to combat free radicals that cause blemishes. They are infused with glycolic acid to help brighten dark spots and prevent scarring.