Passover Programs

Passover programs 2023 are a great way to avoid the burden of cleaning and cooking for Pesach while still being able to enjoy a fun, relaxing and unique holiday experience. These programs offer kosher food, minyanim and Shabbos services as well as local Jewish history tours. These programs are available worldwide and can accommodate a variety of budgets.

If you’re thinking about taking advantage of a Passover Program, it’s important to make a list of what your family needs and wants for the holiday. For instance, if you have special medical needs such as insulin, or children who may need to take medication or supplements it’s best to check if these will be taken care of. If your kids love to swim or are avid skiers it’s important to find a program that includes these activities as well.

What to Expect from a Passover Program Experience

Another consideration is location. Some families want to stay within the Jewish State of Israel for their Pesach Vacation and many programs offer this as well. Others may prefer a beach destination like Cancun, Mexico or the Caribbean and there are even some programs that are offered as a cruise!

For those who want to add a bit of culture and entertainment to their trip there are some Passover programs that include named celebrity singers, comedians or scholars-in-residence. And of course there are programs that are all-inclusive which include everything from a day at the spa to horseback riding or island cruises.